Our mission and vision

Our mission is to protect schools from active shooter events. We do this in a three step process.


First, by preparing the school with discrete fortifications designed to invisibly protect the school and each classroom. We install security screens on each window and door, install bullet proof glass on key windows, and bullet proof wall systems. In the case of an active shooter event, this limits harm and potential damage and also protects each individual classroom.


Next, we train the staff and students on proper responses to active shooter events. Our philosophy follows the Run, Hide, Fight method of active shooter response theory. First run, then hide, then fight when you have to. But overall, be prepared, keep calm, and respond in a calm, trained, and measured manner. Preparation is the key to proper response.


Lastly, we conduct field treatment seminars for staff. These simple key treatment techniques can help save lives in the heat of an active shooter event.


Founded by retired law enforcement

Founded by Don Lee, retired LVMPD counter-terrorism; Tyler Dixon, CEO of DXN Seurity; Randy Klenoski retired LVMPD & LAPD; and Dean Hennesy retired LVMPD. With over 30 years of combined law enforcement and security experience, our founders have a mission to protect our children from active shooter events. 


There are things we can do. We don’t have to simply resign to be victims. We can prepare and train ourselves and even fight back if need be. Following simple techniques in training and preparation paired with security products can and will prevent immense damage, destruction, and suffering.


Contact us to schedule a consultation for your school. We’ve worked with schools, businesses, and other non-profit organizations to protect, train, and fortify them against active shooter events.