Siege Security Glass

Siege Security Glass is the #1 solution for preventing rioters, looters and vandalism. As well as stopping active shooters in their tracks.

You will never have to worry about broken windows again with Siege Security Glass.

 With ballistic rated protection, this armored glass stops forced entry while protecting against armed violators. We create a custom fit that is measured to any existing window or door, coming in a variety of thickness options to fit your security needs.

Forced Entry

Our unbreakable glass stops crimes before they have a chance. Intruders are quickly deterred when they can’t break through your window or door. Most of our security glass products do not require existing glass removal.

Active Shooter

We have ballistic-resistant glass options that actively prevent active shooters from entering. Shatter resistance stops bullets from breaking through and allows the glass to stay intact. There are also shatter proof options that aren’t ballistic resistant for tighter budgets.

Bomb Blast

Siege Security Glass can withstand blasts in close proximity. This is perfect for commercial solutions and use. Blast consultants are recommended to establish the  required standards for your building.


What Our Client's Said