Security Doors

Beautiful design that integrates with the look of your home. Armored doors protect what’s inside without hindering the look and feel of your home.

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What makes our custom-built doors so unique?

Tested for forced entry, fire and ballistic resistance at some of the top international laboratories

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One of our core beliefs is that the secret to good security is to keep it a secret. Security is much harder to defeat when you can’t see it and don’t know what you’re up against. We can replace your existing doors and windows with identical, military-grade replicas that don’t betray their true nature.

Whether it’s for your front door, back door, bedroom door, panic room door, or the windows in between – we’ve got what you’re looking for. Make your house look like a home, not a fortress.


Security is as strong as it is beautiful. Available for exterior and interior doors, residential and commercial, these armored doors have been used in Embassies around the world.

Security Door with Sidelight Windows

These windows are a part of the entire security door for added strength and protection, you can choose from break-resistant or bullet-resistant glass.

Double Security Doors with Woodgrain

You are included in the design process with unlimited design options and customizations available, including this beautiful woodgrain design.

Modern Contemporary Security Door

Customize your security door to match your home and your style.

Security Door Production

Each security door is custom designed and manufactured. The customer is included in the design process with unlimited design options and customizations available.

Multi-point Locking Solutions

All doors come with multi-point locking systems that are pick and bump-proof. Locks can be mechanical, motorized, or biometric.

Bedroom Security Doors

Our security doors are not limited to just your front door. When installed on bedrooms or closets they can create a safe room or panic room.


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