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Protecting what matters most to you is what matters most to us.

Who we are

Guardian Security Screens

“Our goal is to provide our consumers with the knowledge, planning, and preparation needed to better protect themselves from intruder-based crimes and provide installation services to help eliminate weak points commonly used to gain entry into structures.”

History in the Law Enforcement Community

Security Assessment Group LLC, including Guardian Security Screens, was founded by individuals in the law enforcement community. Security Assessment Group LLC’s founders have experience responding to and investigating residential and commercial burglaries with a combined 35 years of experience in law enforcement and related security fields. With our knowledge and experience, we can give you an accurate assessment of where your home or business is most vulnerable. We have seen the emotional toll a break-in can have on victims and we strive to educate people on what can be done to minimize risks and reduce the chance of a devastating break-in.

We are not an alarm system company.

Our business focuses on the physical security of structures, which is something that is easily overlooked in this age of advanced electronics. Alarm systems and recording devices give people a false scene of security. Alarms only go off when someone has breached or made entry into your home. Video cameras will only show who broke into your home but neither will stop or prevent a burglary.


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